Salvation Electronics Recycling

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Salvation Electronics and our partner Lynswell Technologies is committed to environmentally sound management techniques. It is our intent to conduct ourselves in partnership with the environment and community at large as a responsible and caring computer and electronics recycler. We are committed to managing all phases of our business in a manner which minimizes any adverse effects on the environment. Choosing a licensed computer & electronics recycler for recycling computers & electronics will give your company the competitive endge and peace of mind. We provide Certificate of Computer Recycling or Monitor Recycling for all of the computers, monitors and electronics that you have sent to us for recycling. This recycling document certifies that you have properly recycled your electronics with an authorized computer recycling center.

Salvation Electronics provides computer recycling and electrons recycling services which are environmentally sound, legal, and cost-effective. All of our processes were designed through a "Comprehensive No Landfill Policy" . We believe all monitor recyclers and computer recyclers should always have such as core policy in place to ensure that all materials are recycled in the proper way with the proper process. Salvation Electronics has established itself as a recognized leader in the electronics, monitor, and computer recycling industry by helping corporations, schools and government entities avoid and reduce computer, monitor, and electronic waste otherwise known as "e-waste" or "e-scrap" while diverting tons of harmful electronic, toxins, and computer waste, from entering landfills. Our company is to become one of the largest computer, monitor, and electronics recyclers nationwide.




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