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Your company deserves a recycler that offers multiple recycling options. We never expect your company to adjust your process to meet our needs, we adjust our process to meet yours! Salvation Electronics can offer the flexibility and know-how to meet all of the multi-faceted approaches necessary in recycling.

We are the leader in the recycling industry when it comes to service and flexibility. It is with our customers in mind that allows us to evaluate the process you would like to initiate and offer pricing accordingly.

Call us at (609) 709-4057 for an immediate estimate of your recycling process and our coordinator will contact you for a no-cost, no-obligation recycling process evaluation.

After the testing and remarketing of a particular device deems the equipment obsolete or non-saleable in its current form, these items are then sent through our de-manufacturing process. Salvation Electronics will salvage all of the useful parts.  The useable and workable parts can be shelved for future minor repairs or prepped for redistribution in parts form. Parts attained can be re-marketed and sold to specialized domestic electronic repair centers, domestic brokers, part depots and international companies. Any damaged, broken or severely obsolete equipment is given a zero value and is de-manufactured and recycled.

Data / Information Security

Hard drives are always reformatted at our facility and the process we use completely wipes the drive clean of any information.  Any drives that do not go through this process are completely disassembled or destroyed so any information on them can no longer be retrieved.

Salvation Electronics is of the belief that “reuse” is the greatest form of recycling.  Repair and reuse is always better than recycling because more environmental gain is found  then with the creation of new product.  Re-marketing reduces green house emissions, air and water pollution, creates jobs and is higher on the EPA’s waste management chart then recycling. 

Equipment that is deemed functional and non-obsolete in its current form is remarketed through proprietary channels of not-for-profit agencies, schools, start-up businesses, domestic brokers and retail locations within the U.S.


At Salvation Electronics, we pride ourselves on our service and offer various processes and payment arrangements to help serve you! Scheduled pickups, containers, collection events, drop offs, per item, per pound or flat fee pricing can all be arranged because we have designed our recycling services with you, the customer, in mind!


Salvation Electronics can handle any volume of equipment that needs to be properly recycled while enforcing a strict “No Landfill Policy” along the recycling stream.  Most of the equipment and parts received in this department have already been through our processes and could not be salvaged for re-marketing in any way.

Some of our equipment enters this department from customers who choose to send their material to be recycled rather then enter our re-marketing stream, mainly for security reasons.  All the equipment or parts in this department are “end-of-life” and have a negative or zero value in their current form. They will be scrapped in volume to produce positive revenue for their raw form.


At the customers request, Salvation Electronics will provide Material Tracking Reports ( i.e. bar-coding, spread sheets, weight slips and certificates of recycling/destruction) that can track and document the disposition of material that is received at our facility. 


Since 1999, Salvation Electronics has established itself as a recognized leader in electronics recycling and has helped thousands of corporations, schools and government entities avoid and reduce electronic waste diverting tons of harmful electronic waste from entering landfills.  Our company has grown over the years to become one of the largest computer and electronics recycler on the East Coast helping more customers than any of the other recyclers.

Over the last few years, Salvation Electronics has evolved into one of the largest and most widely used electronics recycler on the east coast. So while many of our competitors are closing their doors and leaving CRT’s and computers behind, Salvation Electronics is growing larger and is only getting better with age!




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